Mirabellen is a new brand on the fruit and vegetable purchase market, which was established as a daughter company of the well-known Ekosady company. Over 20-year business activity of the mother company allowed us to gather priceless, practical experience that resulted in the expansion to numerous markets in Poland and abroad. The Mirabellen branch undertakes to fulfill duties related to the purchase whereas the Ekosady company decided to focus only on the purchase of fruit from organic farming.

Together with assumption of the duties of Ekosady, Mirabellen assumed also necessary know-how, standards and quality systems. In its activities it strictly refers to the laws concerning the natural environment protection as well as to the EU directives in that scope. Each day the qualifications and skills of the members of management and employees are improved. The following quality systems – ISO 22000, HACCP, GLOBAL GAP, as well as the project called Integrated Production provide you with the guarantee that you get the products of the highest quality and each exported fruit or vegetable may be characterised by its best, unique taste.

The quality of our fruit and vegetable is confirmed by the fact that they are considered as such all over the world. We are in a constant cooperation with recipients from different part of Europe including companies from Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Our contractors are willing to cooperate not only on the grounds of our offer, but also with respect to the deep market awaraness which is supported by years of practial experience and which let us meet the needs of an individual customer.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer prepared especially for you by Mirabellen – each our customer is treated individually and that let us develop the most favorable terms of cooperation for both parties!

We kindly invite you to the cooperation.